Chef Created Recipe Kits Made By You!

What if you could have everything you need to create a lasting memory with friends and family, in a single box?

Home Kitchen Gourmet partners with Chicago’s best chefs to make recipe kits of rare ingredients from the world’s finest producers. With our decades of experience, we’ve developed delicious recipes, to be cooked at your convenience, with easy-to-follow recipe cards and videos.

Why over spend at fancy restaurants when you can cook chef quality Recipes at home?

With our easy to follow recipe kits, cooking Chef quality recipes at home has never been easier! Just think of how much money you’ll save. Not to mention the fun experience of cooking your own chef quality recipe at a fraction of the cost. 

It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3!


Shop For A Recipe Kit

Browse our website for the perfect recipe kit that you want to cook. We have chef inspired recipe kits for entrees, desserts, side dishes and much more!


Your Recipe Kit Is Shipped

We ensure that your recipe kit is packaged, delivered and shipped fast with all of the ingredients you need to create your cooking experience.


Cook & Enjoy!

Now for the fun part! Just open the box and follow the directions. It really is that simple! Some of our kits include a follow-along video to make it even easier for you.

Isn't it time you treat yourself to something better?

It’s so easy! You will receive a box with the full recipe and the ingredients you need to create an outstanding culinary experience at home.

Some Words From Our Customers

A Unique Experience You Will Never Forget!

Planning a party or get together? Impress your guests with a chef quality recipe kit cooked by you! They won’t realize how easy it was to make but the taste and flavor will make you the star of the show! How cool is that?

Easy Rating System

Our culinary team has rated each recipe 1 - 5 for your Experience Level comfort.

1 Fork = Piece of Cake

Anyone can make this!

2 Forks = Somewhat Crafty

Anyone with just a little cooking skill can make this!

3 Forks = You've Got This!

Anyone with good basic cooking skills and able to follow instructions can make this!

4 Forks = Challenging But Worth It

Anyone with advanced cooking skills can make this!

5 Forks = Experienced Cooks Only

Anyone with advanced cooking skills, but looking for a challenge can make this!

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