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Exclusive, Premier, Select
Perishable or Non-Perishable

Product Level: Exclusive
Product Condition: Non-Perishable
Chef Associated: Chef John Doe
Pairs Well With Suggestions: Red Wine
List of Bullet Points:
  • All Natural
  • Locally Sourced
  • Artisanal
  • Antibiotic Free
  • Hormone Free
  • Gluten Free
  • GMO Free
  • BPA Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Organic
  • Grass-Fed
  • Free-Range
  • Pasture Raised
  • Cage Free
List of Allergens:
Tree Nuts
Recipe Experience Level: Easy
Recipe Serving Size: 3-5 Persons
Recipe Marination Time: N/A
Recipe Prep Time: 8 mins.
Recipe Total Time Required: N/A
Recommended Suggestions: N/A

Montaraz Jamon Cebe de Campo, Pre-Sliced (2 oz.) Made from 100% Iberico pigs in Salamanca by a four-generation family owned company. Montaraz Jamon is some of the finest quality pork available in the World! The taste is smooth and complex, less salty than other prosciuttos and hams. These slices are paper thin, ready to enjoy and are highly addictive. Montaraz Jamon contains no nitrates, or anything else - just pure natural Jamon, sea salt and time.

All Natural Droewors Wagyu Beef (Uncured) Dry Salami (7 oz.) A tribute to the South African snack stick known as droewors is made in Chicago from 100% American Wagyu Beef and seasoned with traditional spices, including clove and coriander. No matter where you live, it’s a luxurious, aromatic addition to any charcuterie board. Antibiotics free, hormones free, fed a vegetarian diet, gluten free, milk free, MSG free and 0g trans fat.

All Natural Wagyu Beef Salami (Uncured) Pre-Sliced (4 oz.) Our garlicky 100% American Wagyu Beef salami has roots in Japan’s tradition of breeding pampered, well marbled cattle and early 20th century Russian sausage making. It is all natural sausage. It is sure to take your charcuterie board to the next level.

Soppressata (Uncured) Dry Salami (5.3 oz.) This salami is comprised of heritage pork, Trapani Sicilian Sea Salt, fresh and dried imported Calabrian Chili Peppers, Telicherry Black Pepper and Cleto Chiarli Lambrusco red wine. Made locally, here in Chicago.

Tartufo “Black Truffle” (Uncured) Dry Salami (5.3 oz.) Our truffle salami is artisan made and comprised of heritage breed pork, wine, Trapani Sicilian Sea Salt, Organic Celery Powder, Telicherry Black Pepper, Black Truffles, and Lactic Acid Starter Culture. Please note, our truffle salami is made with fresh truffles from Norcia, Italy. We do not use truffle salt, truffle oil or truffle flavoring. Made locally, here in Chicago.

Seasonal Goat / Cow Cheese (4-6 oz.) Mini Round There are many reasons that we can’t simply choose one cheese. Since their milk is seasonal, and their diet also affects flavor components (butterfat and protein), the flavors and textures of our cheeses vary with seasons. This is part of the beauty of seasonal, farmstead (using the milk of our own herd to make our dairy products) and artisanal cheeses. Depending on the time of the year and availability, we will always choose the best cheese that we can for charcuterie kit.

Kickapoo Cheese (5 oz.) Wedge This cheese is a semi-hard, raw milk cheese reminiscent of aged Parmesan, with fresh, buttery flavors and a sharper finish. It has a distinctive green rind and we think it’s just fun to say the name. Kickapoo pairs well with fruit, nuts, and wine.

Kennekuk Cheese (4 oz.) Wedge The Ludwig cows’ superior genetics, careful nutrition, and outstanding care result in healthy cows. Kennekuk cheese is a semi-soft “Limited Edition” White Cheddar Cheese.

Vermillion River Blue Cheese (4 oz.) Wedge The scenic Vermillion River flows close to Ludwig Farmstead Creamery and was the inspiration for naming this great cheese. Vermillion River Blue is a triple cream cheese with a soft creamy texture punctuated with gentle notes of blue. Flavors of fresh milk and cream are followed by a delicate hint of tangy blue. This is one of our most popular cheeses. One of our customers said we should rename it to, “Vermillion River Blue My Mind!”

Marcona Almonds (4 oz.) The chef’s choice in almonds. Marcona’s start out richer in flavor than any other almond on Earth. They are then fried in olive oil and salted to create a healthy delicious snack.

Sun-Dried Turkish Apricots (3 oz.) Whole Picked when perfectly ripe, our Sun-Dried Turkish Apricots have a bright, sweet-tart flavor and vivid orange color, offering a consistent product year-round, without the limits of seasonality.

Dried Kiwi (3 oz.) Sliced Kiwi is native to China and is popular in many different regions of the world, including New Zealand and The United States. Kiwi is a tremendously nutritious source of vitamins in a sweet, sharp, uniquely flavored fruit. We source bright green, tangy dried Kiwi Slices with soft, slightly chewy texture and tart taste. Lightly dusted with sugar.

Sun-Dried Golden Figs (3 oz.) Whole The Golden Fig is among the most highly prized of dried fruits for its intriguing texture and a naturally sweet flavor. They’re harvested at the peak of ripeness then sun-dried to a sweet perfection. When dried naturally, the sugars in the fig move to the surface of the skin, producing an off-white coloring. This sugaring process gives the fruit an instant sweet taste, making it even more delicious.

Spicy IPA Mustard (7.5 oz. jar) This spicy IPA mustard is enhanced by the hoppy flavor of one of our favorite brews, India Pale Ale, punctuated with delightful bitterness and bright citrus notes from Michigan-grown hops. Proudly produced in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan.

Organic Blueberry Merlot Preserves (9 oz. jar) Our Organic Michigan Blueberry Merlot preserves deliver the flavor-dense boldness of blueberries with the soft, ripe elegance of a fine Merlot. Think beyond toast and bagels. Our Organic Michigan blueberry Merlot wine preserves are the perfect accompaniment to a variety of cheeses, from soft goat to pungent blue. Proudly produced in Traverse City, Michigan.

Naturally Cured Arbequina Olives (12 oz. jar) These elegant olives are cured the traditional and natural way with water and salt. The olives are hand harvested and processed in small batches in barrels to ensure the highest quality product. No dyes, preservatives or overwhelming vinegar to get in your taste buds way. Arbequina olives, cured for 3-4 months, are firm and loaded with the buttery flavor characteristic of this small olive in a high oil content. Imported from Spain.

Italian Nomadic Sunflower Honey (7 oz. jar) Quintessence is the story of the flowering zenith, where honey reaches its maximum possible integrity. There is a magical moment when the flower is more generous in nectar, more intense in aroma and taste. Produced during the end of June and July, this crystallized honey has majestic qualities and very rich in glucose. On the nose, there are delicate aromas of pollen, fresh-mown hay, pineapple and passion fruit. On the palate, it is fruited and intense, with distinct acid notes and hints of ripe apricots with an aftertaste of star anise. The pollen is covered with tiny drops of yellow oil, which give the honey its brilliant color.

French Baguette (3 pcs of 10” Loaf) Our french baguettes are baked every day and are hand made locally at Bennison’s Bakery located in Evanston, IL. Their breads are the culmination of nature’s elements: Grain, water and fire. They are made from unbleached, unbromated wheat flour, sea salt, water and yeast. Baking bread as delicious as this is as satisfying to the baker’s heart as it is to your palette. Handsome golden loaves with a darker bottom than top and crusts with a bit of “glisten” around the base are mark of a true artisan baker.

This Kit Contains:

  • Soppressata Salami 3.5oz
  • DroeworscWagyu Beef Salami 7oz
  • Tartufo Salami 5.3oz
  • Wagyu Beef Salami Pre-Sliced 3oz
  • Montaraz Jamon Cebo de Campo Pre-Sliced 2oz
  • Kickapoo Wedge 5oz
  • Kennekuk Wedge 5oz
  • Vermillion River Bleu Wedge 4oz
  • Seasonal Goat/Cow Cheese Round 4-6oz
  • Three Baguettes each 10”
  • Marcona Whole Almonds In Olive Oil and Salt 4oz
  • Spicy IPA Mustard 7.5oz Jar
  • Cherry Habanero Pepper Jelly 9oz  Jar
  • Organic Wild Blueberry Merlot Preserves 9oz
  • Honey
  • Arbequina Olives 12oz Jar
  • Sun-Dried Turkish Apricots 3oz
  • Dried Golden Figs
  • Dried Kiwi Slices

What better way pay respect to this stand out cut then to pair it with the piquant sexiness of these 3 chiles...The Ancho, with its sweet and chocolatey notes....The Guajillo ...second only in popularity to the Ancho in Mexican cuisine, with a sweet flavor and mild-medium heat....and The Morita or Red Jalapeño, Chipotle which completes this trinity of undulating spiciness, with its smoky, fruity flavor and moderate heat.

4pc of USDA Prime Grade Beef Skirt Steak 8oz. Portions

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